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  1. What experiences have you had when you told family, friends, co-workers, former ministers, etc., that you were an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  2. What caused you to make the final decision to become an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  3. Have you had any moments of doubt about being an atheist and what helped you overcome them? - Michelle Malkin

  4. The old 'no atheists in foxholes' bit is bound to come up again. How many of you went into the service as atheists, were involved in deadly combat and came out STILL an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  5. When you realized that you were an atheist, did you feel relief, fear, happiness? What emotion, exactly? - Michelle Malkin

  6. What is/are your favorite book/books on atheism? -Michelle Malkin

  7. Which atheist person, living or dead, do you most admire? - MIchelle Malkin

  8. Do you follow some kind of philosophyalong with being an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  9. Were you raised in an atheist family or did you become an atheist on your own? - Michelle Malkin

  10. How old were you when you realized that you were an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  11. What started you thinking of being an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  12. Did you have a bad experience with your former church or religion that caused you to reject it and become an atheist? - Todd Matthew Koson

  13. What passages from the Bible or any other 'holy' book do you consider reasonable or worthwhile? - Glenn Arnold

  14. Did you become an atheist due to the Internet/this newsgroup or would you have become an atheist sooner if you had seen the Internet/this newsgroup? - Unknown

  15. What is your political philosophy (liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, Green, etc.? -Jesse Freidman

  16. How would you draw the line between the rights of an individual vs. society's right to make restrictive laws? - Jesse Freidman with rephrasing by Geo)

  17. What helps you remain an atheist? -unknown

  18. Do you, as an atheist, listen to any sort of religious or religious-based music and why? - Glenn Arnold

  19. Have any atheists renounced their former religion? - Gary Gnu

  20. How does an atheist teach children about God? - Gary Gnu

  21. Have you publicly declared your atheism? - Glenn Arnold

  22. Have you ever been 'outed' as an atheist by anyone? - Glenn Arnold

  23. Do atheists who hide their lack of belief bother you? - million $

  24. Do you get annoyed when politicians and tv bible-thumpers scapegoat humanism as an instigator for modern problems or do you laugh it off considering the source? - million $

  25. Do you, as an atheist, watch any tv evangelists? Which? - million $

  26. Were you married in a religious ceremony? Why, and how do you feel about it? - David Carrigan

  27. Have you, after becoming an atheist, had to or decided to go through any kind of religious ceremony and why? - Gary Gnu

  28. If you were going to be religious, what religion would you be? No made up religions and NO FLAMES! - Czar

  29. Are there any atheists who want to believe in a god of some kind? - Michelle Malkin

  30. Are there any atheist parents who want to keep religion away from their children completely? - Gary Gnu

  31. Have you, as an atheist, any belief in 'supernatural phenomena' such as clairvoyance, esp or past life regression therapy? - John Cabalero

  32. Has any atheist lost a job due to being an atheist? - Gary GNU

  33. Have any atheists in this or any other newsgroup joined any atheist groups? Examples: American Atheists, an atheist 'church, etc. - Gary Gnu

  34. Do any atheists in this newsgroup start religious debates or sit back and wait for others to make comments first? Or, do some of us keep quiet so as not to make trouble? - Gary Gnu

  35. What do different atheists do on religious holidays. I.e., do you observe them and, if so, how? - Chris Nelson

  36. Do you, as an atheist, fear death and why? - June Gill

  37. How many of you have never been religious and/or never had a belief in a god or gods? - Marc Lurie

  38. Is there any one religious concept you would like to believe in, even though you know that it's probably not true? - Jeffrey R Gutierrez

  39. Have any atheists experienced things which you could not understand and which science is at a loss to explain? If so, how do you reconcile this with atheism? - Claude Martins

  40. Have you ever considered cryonics? If you have and decided against it, why? - Cat Jesus

  41. Has any atheist reading this really tried to accept God/Jesus/Buddha/Vishnu/whatever and failed? - Carl Cristensen

  42. How many of you were followers of a religion before becoming an atheist? What was your religion, if any? - Paul Koeck

  43. Are any of you married or in a relationship with a theist? Are there any problems due to differences in belief or non-belief? - Marc Moreau

  44. Do you consider religious indoctrination to be child abuse? - 124c41

  45. Do you want to live forever? - Todd Matthew Koson

  46. What level of toleration do we want/expect between theists and atheists? - Antoon Pardon

  47. Do you have a religious name? such as Christopher or Faith and, if so, do you want to change it? -Christopher Aumann

  48. Atheists lack belief in the supernatural, but what are the ideals of your atheist life? What is the meaning of existence to you? - Doug Thornton

  49. What have you, as an atheist, done to advance atheism? - Todd Matthew Koson

  50. Did you become an atheist due to anti-theistic feelings or for other reasons? - Lisa Starr

  51. As an atheist, what good or bad do you think religion does to or for people? - Lisa Starr

  52. Since you are an atheist, will you raise your children as atheists or skeptics? - Van Isaac Anderson

  53. Who are your favorite writers and what are your favorite books? - Colin Montoya-Lewis

  54. What do you think of a media that jumps to pin a crime on someone due to their supposed atheism, especially when it turns out that he isn't/wasn't an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  55. Have any of your friends or family asked you to be a godparent to their child and how did you respond? - Adrian Barnett

  56. What do you do if invited to a religious ceremony such as a christening? If you take a present, what sort of present is it? - Adrian Barnett

  57. Did science fiction play any part in your atheism? Do you think that most theisms would pose borders on fantasy and SF writers? - Daneel

  58. If you are an ex-theist, have you considered your (probably dogmatic) reasons for rejecting other gods when losing your faith and/or have you reconsidered this since then? - Daneel

  59. As an atheist: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? -Mark Hesidence (by way of Joseph Michael Stryzynski)

  60. Has your being or becoming an atheist affected your political outlook? - Michelle Malkin

  61. As a theist, did you ever regularly commune with God? That is, did you believe that you could speak directly with him on a daily basis (much as you would with a friend) or feel the Holy Spirit working through you during worship? If so, what are you feelings toward those experiences now? - Adrian Barnett

  62. Why are you an atheist? - Michael R. Anderson (a theist also known as MRA and Mr. Goodsalt)

  63. What do you like/dislike about theism/specific theist religions? -Michael R. Anderson (see #62)

  64. How many atheists did not become or realize that they were atheists until they were past the age of 30? -Michelle Malkin

  65. As an atheist, what are your thoughts on death, dying and the thought of non-existence? - Mark Gratzke

  66. Can you remember when you first realized that you were an atheist. - Michelle Malkin

  67. Do any of you play tournement chess? Is the type of logical thought required by these games part of what made you an atheist? - Jim Tims

  68. As an atheist, how would you like your remains to be handled after your die? - Chris Hall

  69. As an atheist, what does the word individualist mean to you and do you consider yourself to be one? - Michelle Malkin

  70. As an atheist,what is your opinion of the concept of "Free will". -Michelle Malkin

  71. What is your opinion of genetic manipulation ? - Michelle Malkin

  72. What is your deepest fear? - Veyanne

  73. What is your darkest desire? -Veyanne

  74. As an atheist, would you like to have some kind of ceremonial marker after your death, i.e., gravestone or some other memorial? - Mr. Douglas

  75. How many atheists became atheists after attending a religious school or university? - Paula Lauterbach

  76. Do you think that belief in religions and gods will vanish completely sometime in the future? - otto

  77. Do you think being an atheist makes you a better person or has it has it radically changed your life for the better? - Don Niebyl

  78. Do you ever get pressured to stop being an atheist and join some kind of religion? - Don Niebyl

  79. As an atheist, if you come from a theist background, do you still cling to any of your former religions' superstions? If so, why? - Don Niebyl

  80. As an atheist, do you ever feel left out or excluded by any of your friends who hold religious beliefs? Does this bother you? - Don Niebyl

  81. As an atheist, when do you think it is worse to have been born than never to have lived at all? - unknown

  82. What would you leave as a message on your gravesite? - Kalle Helenius

  83. Is there any one part of the Old or New Testament, Koran, Vedas any other religious books that was a strong reason for your becoming an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  84. If by means of technology or evolution or whatever you became all-knowling, all-seeing, all-powerful, what would you do? - zach

  85. Would you like to see more media exposure concerning atheism? If so, what medium and with what message? -Peter Kirby

  86. What value, if any, do you see in arguing with believers? - Peter Kirby

  87. What approach do you take towards door-to-door and other in-the-face proselytizers? - Peter Kirby

  88. Do you identify with a specific religion or philosophy (e.g., Buddhism, Wicca, secular humanism) - Natalie Ramsey

  89. Have you ever considered becoming a theist or returning to being a theist? - Natalie Ramsey

  90. Do you think that it is valuable for atheists to engage in 'interfaith' dialogue with religious groups? - Natalie Ramsey

  91. Outside of the newsgroup, do you treat proselytizers with tolerance, hostility or something else? - Natalie Ramsey

  92. How open are you about your atheism with your family,extended family, parents? - Natalie Ramsey

  93. Is making atheism more acceptable in society a worthwhile goal? If so, how can this be achieved - Natalie Ramsey

  94. Do you have a pet? What kind? - Natalie Ramsey

  95. What do you think of patriotism? - Natalie Ramsey

  96. What do you do to relax? If you meditate, do you do it to relax or for other reasons?- Natalie Ramsey

  97. Do you own any religious texts? Do you read them for any purpose besides the rebuttal of theist claims? - Natalie Ramsey

  98. Are you a vegetarian? Why? - Natalie Ramsey

  99. If it turned out there was a god and that god is not dissimilar to the God of the fundies, would you oppose him, in the certain knowledge that such opposition has no hope of success and that by opposing him, in full knowledge of the consequences, choose unending agony post-mortem as a consequence of what you know to be right? (No getting out of the question by assuming that hell is a place of hedonism. For the purpose of the question,you must assume they are right. - Therion Ware

  100. Did you have a 'road to Damascus' conversion to atheism? How old were you at the time? - Therion Ware

  101. How many atheists went from one religion to another when they were young? - Van Isaac Anderson

  102. Do you have any relatives who are atheists, and has that made your atheism any easier? - Van Isaac Anderson

  103. Do any of the atheists in this newsgroup or any other still attend church? Why? - Van Isaac Anderson

  104. Is the setai@home project discovers aliens and they are all theists, would this make you reconsider your position as an atheist? -Therion Ware

  105. As an atheist, which supernatural horror films are your favorites? Which fantasy? Which SF? Why? - Therion Ware

  106. Is a world government a good idea? - Therion Ware

  107. Are cats better pets for atheists than dogs? - Therion Ware

  108. Are countries such as the US and groups such as the EEC morally obliged to use force of one kind or another to prevent human rights abuses as defined by the UN Charter on Human Rights? - Therion Ware

  109. As an atheist, what set of moral laws would you endorse? - Peter van Velzen

  110. As an atheist, do you think ethics are eternally true or do you think they will change over time? - Peter van Velzen

  111. What do you think (in general) triggers God belief or disbelief? - Peter vanVelzen

  112. Are there really any 'objective' views? - Peter Allen Neely

  113. Do you feel that Fundamentalism is in some way detrimental to the growth of religion (in general)? - unknown

  114. Do you identify yourself with your emotions , your rational thoughts, your memories, your 'soul' or your body? Which of these things do you think you could lose (theoretically speaking)and still be 'you'? Feel free to add any other aspects of self that you think this question has overlooked. - Jeff Dee

  115. If gods do not exist, why do you think humankind invented them? - unknown

  116. How many atheists figured out for themselves that Santa Claus does not exist, as opposed to being told the terrible truth by parents, siblings, friends, etc? -Goatboy

  117. If you were once a fundamentalist theist of any kind, what was it that first caused you to doubt your beliefs? How did you react to this at first, and what caused you to continue doubting? - Michelle Malkin

  118. What was the final straw that led you to the realization (insert brand of theism here) was a con game? - Stoney

  119. How many single atheists actively seek out other atheists to date or for long term relationships? - Lady Lorelei

  120. For those atheists who are married to theists (and were already atheists at the time of the marriage), would you do it any differently if given the chance to do it over again? - Lady Lorelei

  121. Do any of you actively try to dispel the stereotype that Christians have placed on atheists? - Lady Lorelei

  122. When you first became an atheist, did you adopt a particular philosophy that you fought for tooth and nail until you realized that such behavior was merely a leftover from your theist upbringing? - Michelle Malkin

  123. What is your favorite time period to study and read about? Would you want to go back and live at that time? - Michelle Malkin

  124. How many atheists think that Jesus never existed or that he was a man whose life was blown out of proportion? - Steve Scott

  125. Do any of the atheists reading this own a Bible and read it? - Steve Scott

  126. What do the atheists reading this feel about attitudes to death, particularly with what children are told and how they are treated when someone dies. - Diem

  127. How many atheists reading this have been assaulted and/or threatened due to their atheism? - Shuddapeeps

  128. Was your becoming an atheist influenced by any kind of literary genre? - chibiabos

  129. If you ever attend a religious service for whatever reason, how do you spend your time? What goes through your mind? - Niall McAuley

  130. For atheists who were once theists: do you remember what it felt like to believe in a god? Do you ever miss it? - Niall McAuley

  131. How can we cure the world from its theist insanity? - Peter van Velzen

  132. Could we come up with a set of morals to surpass the 'ten' commandments? -Peter van Velzen

  133. Could we find a way to survive all the catastrophes that threaten the survivsl of humankind?- Peter van Velzen

  134. Why are most atheists not willing to use violence? - Peter van Velzen

  135. Should we discuss politics in alt.atheism? -Peter van Velzen

  136. Have you ever felt the need to stand up for your right to religious freedom? If you did, were you surprised by the reactions of others, pro or con? Were your supporters who you thought they would be? - Clayskye

  137. Can you define god (The Judeo-Christian brand)? - Mike Smith

  138. Why do you think religion seems to be an intellectual blindspot for otherwise clear-thinking people? - Mike Smith

  139. Do you think that religious buildings, such as churches, synagogues and mosques, should be taxed? - Mike Smith

  140. Why are religious holidays recognized by the various governments? Should they be? - Mike Smith

  141. Did some aspect of your education start you on the road to becoming an atheist? - Michelle Malkin

  142. If you became an atheist due to some kind of disappointment, why did you remain an atheist after you got over the disappointment? - Michelle Malkin

  143. Why do you think some theists try to connect the evil that some atheists do with their atheism, rather than their political philosophy?- Michelle Malkin

  144. Why do you think some theists insist on connecting evolution, which is a science, with atheism, which is a lack of belief in the existence of a god or gods? - Michelle Malkin

  145. Why do you, as an atheist, think that so many theists refuse to describe exactly what the god that they supposedly worship is, where it comes from, what it looks like, what is it made of, etc.? - Michelle Malkin

  146. Do you think that the current fundamentalist backlash was caused by a sincere desire to spread the word of their religion or by their leaders taking advantage of their followers fear of rapidly advancing knowledge and their inability to keep up with it due to deliberately poor education? Do you have any other possibilities or thoughts on this? - Michelle Malkin

  147. Why do you think that many fundamentalists act as though atheism was a personal threat to them? - Michelle Malkin

  148. If you inherited a billion dollars, what would you do with it? - zach

  149. If humanity was dying out due to its own excesses and you, as a scientist, found a way to save it, would you? - zach

  150. What do you think are the worst books you've ever read? - Michelle Malkin

  151. Was your becoming or being an atheist influencedby a particular person in your life and, if so, would you please tell us something about that person? - Red Foster

  152. Do you think political correctness has influenced the amount of freedom people have to speak their minds? - D.J. Nozem

  153. Have you seen films that are critical of a religion or religions in general? Which is your favorite and why? - Daneel

  154. If you deconverted from Christianity or Judaism, do you still think that 'man has dominion over Earth and its creatures' or do you think that this is species chauvinim? - Daneel

  155. Which religions do you dislike more: proselytizing ones or those creating closed societies where lack of knowledge of and how to live in the outside world , excommunication of tradition violators, etc., chain down people from childhood? - Daneel

  156. How do you feel when you come across some reference to or mention of religion in science fiction or other literature? - Ernest Domenigo

  157. Are there observable traits among atheist attitudes to marriage and family? Does any observable atheist model conform largely to the standard model of the Judeo/Christian nuclear family? - Ciaran ONeill)

  158. Are atheist sexual mores based pretty much on Judeo/Christian norms or is there a tendency towards (for instance) polygamy or open relationships among atheists? - Ciaran ONeill

  159. To what degree do 'first generation' atheists manage to discard(where appropriate) the (religious) culture they came from? - Ciaran ONeill

  160. What are the connotations of the word 'atheist' among atheists? Does what the word implies to atheists themselves stop at a belief that there is no God? - Ciaran ONeill

  161. Do any atheists reading this believe that they have a "mision" or that there is a collective atheist duty - Ciaran ONeill

  162. If you are/were a parent raising your child without religion, how would/did you handle someone who, in spite of your express wish not to raise your child/children religiously, tried to teach your child/children religion for you? - Clayskye

  163. What is the worst theist argument you've ever heard? What is the theist argument you are most tired of? - Kania

  164. Can you see yourself as a Christian if Christianity was revealed to be true? - Kania

  165. What do you think is the worst passage in the Bible? What do you think is the most beautiful? - Kania

  166. What do you think is the worst thing theists say about atheists? How do you respond to this? - Kania

  167. Do you remember the first time you heard the word 'atheist'? If so, how did you feel about it? - Clayskye

  168. What can we as atheists do to make ignorant people stop thinking of us as 'evil'? - Michelle Malkin

  169. Do you think that race has an influence on a person becoming an atheist and why? - Michelle Malkin

  170. Did you choose your nickname/handle or new legal name for religions/atheistic purposes, and what does it mean? - Bob Dog

  171. What is the best theist argument you've ever heard? - Avender

  172. If you ever were one, do you feel you wasted your years as a believer? - Angel Arnal

  173. What religious traditions (gifts, meals, decorations, etc,) do you continue for the sake of your kids and why? - Michelle Malkin

  174. Have any atheists created a non-theist 'grace' to say when asked to before a meal? - Diane Newman

  175. Do any of the atheists/agnostics in alt.atheism have theist friends with whom you can discuss atheism and theism? Does this help to keep you tolerant of religion followers? -

  176. Why do some theists insist that we, as atheists, know and thoroughly understand their religious documents? Why do they also insist that we, as atheists, accept them as proof of their arguments without verification? - Liquid Grace

  177. Are there any theist you admire? Why? (This is intended as a compliment, not an insult.) - John Hachmann

  178. If you had the power and the opportunity to rewrite the sections of the US Constitution (or the laws of your own country) regarding religion, what would you change? - John Hachmann

  179. Hopefully, the human race will outgrow religion. However, until that day happens, do you think any new religions will arise to take the place of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc., and what might they look like? - John Hachmann

  180. How much of the bible do you thinkis historical as opposed to mythological - Peter van Velzen

  181. Are you a materialist, or do you think anything can exist that is neither energy nor matter? - Peter van Vlzen

  182. Do you think it is plausible that extra- terrestrials ever visited our planet? Do you think Bible passages could be explained that way? - Peter van Velzen

  183. What kind of posters in alt.atheism will no longer get a response from you? Why? - Peter van Velzen

  184. Do you, as an atheist, have a concept of good and evil? If so, what defines good and what defines evil? - Peter van Velzen

  185. Do you believe that there is (and that there is only one) ultimate, absolute truth or do you think that this belief doesn't make sense from an atheist viewpoint? - D.J. Nozem

  186. Do you think certain character traits have caused you to become/remain an atheist? Which ones? - D.J. Nozem

  187. How do you answer theists who say, "Someday something bad will happen to you and you'll find/pray to God? - David Moisan

  188. What is the most offensive thing a theist has said to you during a debate or proselytization? - Robert Coates

  189. Theists often accuse atheists of being without morals. While it is true that atheism imposes no morals, most atheists follow some kind of moral code. What form does this take and which religions/philosophies influenced this for you as an individual? - Owen Hughes

  190. Have you, as an atheist, ever gone through a life-threatening situation or illness and never once thought of a god or considered a religion? - Michelle Malkin

  191. What do you think about the ecumenist idea that all religions are just different views of the same God? If you are an ex-theist who believed this, what did you think about Hindu polytheism, present day animists and other forms of worship? - Daneel

  192. Have you ever had an experience suggesting reincarnation or any other psychic phenomena? - Daneel

  193. Why do you think gods were invented? Why do you think *Gods* were invented? - Daneel

  194. What sources do you use for news or history from others' points of view? - Charles R. Ward

  195. If you could know with absolute certainty the answer to one yes or no question, what would it be? Would you use your one answer to find out for sure if a god or gods exist or would you use it for somethying else? - Adam Marczyk

  196. In your opinion, what is the best thing about being an atheist? - Adam Marczyk

  197. If you could know, with absolute certainty, the answer to one yes or no question, what would it be? Would you use your one answer to find out for sure if a God or gods exist or would you use it for something else? - Adam Marczyk

  198. Have you ever tried to deconvert anyone to atheism? If so, were you successful? - Adam Marczyk

  199. In your opinion, what personality trait makes a person most likely to be a theist? - -Adam Marczyk

  200. What do you find most astonishing about fundamentalist Christians? - Stoney

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